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description of the jobs to be executed [Edit on GitHub]


Keyword descriptions


Usage: DEPENDENCIES 13 1 7

specifies a list of JOB_IDs on which the current job depends. The current job will not be executed before all the dependencies have finished. The keyword requires a CAPTAIN_MINION farming run. Beyond the default case, some special cases might arise: 1) circular dependencies will lead to a deadlock. 2) This keyword is not compatible with CYCLE. 3) MAX_JOBS_PER_GROUP is ignored (though only a total of MAX_JOBS_PER_GROUP*NGROUPS jobs will be executed) 4) dependencies on jobs that will not be executed (due to RESTART or MAX_JOBS_PER_GROUP) are ignored. Additionally, note that, on some file systems, output (restart) files might not be immediately available on all compute nodes, potentially resulting in unexpected failures. [Edit on GitHub]

DIRECTORY: string = .

Usage: DIRECTORY /my/path

the directory in which the job should be executed [Edit on GitHub]

INPUT_FILE_NAME: string = input.inp

Usage: INPUT_FILE_NAME my_input.inp

the filename of the input file [Edit on GitHub]

JOB_ID: integer

Usage: JOB_ID 13

An ID used to indentify a job in DEPENDENCIES. JOB_IDs do not need to be unique, dependencies will be on all jobs with a given ID. If no JOB_ID is given, the index of the &JOB section in the input file will be used. [Edit on GitHub]


Usage: OUTPUT_FILE_NAME my_input.inp

the filename of the output file, if not specified will use the project name in the &GLOBAL section. [Edit on GitHub]