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Parameters for creating x-axis-aligned annular dielectric region. Note that once such a region is defined, the ‘background’ dielectric constant would be the default (80.0), unless a different value is specified using the keyword IMPLICIT%DIELECTRIC%DIELECTRIC_CONSTANT. [Edit on GitHub]


Keyword descriptions

BASE_CENTER: real[2] = [angstrom]

Usage: base_center <y(real)> <z(real)>

The y and z coordinates of the annulus’ base center. [Edit on GitHub]

BASE_RADII: real[2] = [angstrom]

Usage: base_radius <r1(real)> <r2(real)>

The base radius of the annulus. [Edit on GitHub]

DIELECTRIC_CONSTANT: real = 8.00000000E+001

Aliases: EPSILON

Usage: dielectric_constant

value of the dielectric constant inside the region. [Edit on GitHub]

SMOOTHING_WIDTH: real = 2.00000000E-001 [angstrom]

Aliases: ZETA

Usage: smoothing_width

The width of the standard mollifier. [Edit on GitHub]

X_XTNT: real[2] = [angstrom]

Usage: X_xtnt <xmin(real)> <xmax(real)>

The X extents of the annulus. [Edit on GitHub]