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Parameters for creating planar (rectangular) Dirichlet boundary regions with given vertices. [Edit on GitHub]


Keyword descriptions

A: real[3] = [angstrom]

Usage: A <x(real)> <y(real)> <z(real)>

Coordinates of the vertex A. [Edit on GitHub]

B: real[3] = [angstrom]

Usage: B <x(real)> <y(real)> <z(real)>

Coordinates of the vertex B. [Edit on GitHub]

C: real[3] = [angstrom]

Usage: C <x(real)> <y(real)> <z(real)>

Coordinates of the vertex C. [Edit on GitHub]

FREQUENCY: real = 0.00000000E+000 [s^-1]


The frequency with which the oscillating fraction oscillates. [Edit on GitHub]

N_PRTN: integer[2] = 1 1

Usage: N_PRTN

The number of partitions along the edges for tiling the rectangular region. If the edges have different lengths, from the two given values, the larger one will be assigned to the longer edge. [Edit on GitHub]

OSCILLATING_FRACTION: real = 0.00000000E+000


A fraction of the field can be set to oscilate over time. [Edit on GitHub]

PHASE: real = 0.00000000E+000

Usage: PHASE

The phase of the oscillattion. A phase of zero corresponds to a cosine function. [Edit on GitHub]

SMOOTHING_WIDTH: real = 2.00000000E-001 [angstrom]

Aliases: SIGMA


The width of the transition region between the Dirichlet subdomain and its surrounding. [Edit on GitHub]

THICKNESS: real = 7.50000000E-001 [angstrom]


The thickness of the planar Dirichlet region. [Edit on GitHub]

V_D: real = [volt]

Usage: v_D

The value of the fixed potential to be imposed at the planar Dirichlet boundary. [Edit on GitHub]