References: Ceriotti2009, Ceriotti2009b

paramameters of the gle thermostat. This section can be generated from [Edit on GitHub]


Keyword descriptions

A_LIST: real = [internal_cp2k]

Keyword can be repeated.

Usage: A_LIST real real real

A matrix The defaults give optimal sampling for most cristalline and liquid compounds. Generated with the parameters set kv_4-4.a centered on w_0=40 cm^-1. [Edit on GitHub]

A_SCALE: real = 1.00000000E+000 [ps^-1]

Usage: A_SCALE 0.5

scaling factor for matrix A (for generic matrix A, depends on the characteristic frequency of the system). [Edit on GitHub]

C_LIST: real = [K_e]

Keyword can be repeated.

Usage: C_LIST real real real

C matrix [Edit on GitHub]

NDIM: integer = 5

Usage: NDIM 6

Size of the gle matrix [Edit on GitHub]